The only FREE Nutrition Software and marketing platform

for gyms, personal trainers and sports nutritionists

If you are not a qualified profesional or do not have the time to dedicate too running a nutrition

program let us work for you and gain a PASSIVE INCOME stream today.

Capture and cultivate leads, generate meal plans instantly, track clients, and share educational content.

it is completely FREE for you to start and we will walk you through everything step by step.

The TNP platform allows you to create save and send plans in minutes without any previous knowledge.

  • autonomous meal plan generation

  • automate client check ins

  • customise food and ingredient database

  • white label

Additional services

  • unique lead magnet

  • web page

  • engage clients with pre written email flows

  • automatic sms messages

Everything for only 27.95/month

It's completely FREE for you to launch

With a live video call and continued support we will show you how to start group challenges, hybrid memberships and to add value to your current customer base by giving them access to the platform.

Unique lead magnets

Our lead magnet can be inserted into any web or application which will allow you to capture contact details of possible clients, which then we can engage and sell to automatically.

Have time for what's important

TNP takes care of the any meal changes, organising check ins and if you go autonomous the automatic meal generator calculates clients' nutritional needs and provides them a nutrition plan in less than a minute.

See how TNP can help you grow your fitness business

Set your clients up with a branded app

Send all your clients their meal plans, communicate and track their progress all which is semi automated inside your own branded app. Give them the tools they need to finally LEARN how to eat.

Here's just a few of the client functions of the TNP platform:

  • Send emails and whatsapp

  • see who has been following the plan

  • track their progress

  • allow them to change and build their own meals

  • give them the ability to create their own meal plan

  • educate them with our done for you resources


Andy Edwards

Crossfit HQ, Dragon Athletic

Cardiff Wales

I Launched It As A New Year Challenge And Had 42 Sign Ups Whilst We were In Covid Lockdown bringing in over 2000 pounds a month.

Will Taylor

Barch Richmond,

London England

I know the basics of nutrition and this helps me put it into practise for my clients and help them achieve great results.

Eoghan Mcgregor

Perpetua Fitness

Dublin Ireland

We have a number of coaches using it to allow them to do a personalised plan which we give as a value added on our onramp process.